Nyanama Highway close to Benco hotel +256-774071656 info@dkrentacaruganda.com

A weekend is a portion of the week dedicated to resting while bonding with family & friends and since it’s the best time to travel, getting a rental car is always a good option. A weekend getaway to a popular tourist destination or tour around the city with the family will require a comfortable well serviced car and that’s why at DK Car Rental we offer some of the best cars for weekend trips.

Whether you want to self drive or prefer travelling with a driver, we will be more than delighted to get you a suitable car for the weekend that not only suits your budget but also your personal needs. Our weekend car rental packages start from Friday and end on  Monday plus we don’t allow additional drivers unless requested before self drive contract is signed.

To rent a car in Uganda for a weekend road trip, simply get in touch with us by sending an email to info@dkrentacaruganda.com or call us now on +256-774071656 to speak with the reservations team.



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