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To 6 Luxury Cars For Hire In Kampala City

To 6 Luxury Cars For Hire In Kampala City

Is it getting closer to the planned date for your wedding, business trip, video shoot or vacation and you would want to travel in a luxury rental car? Get the right luxury car that suits your event from DK car rental. Luxury cars offer a high quality of comfort, amenities and performance as compared to regular vehicles. In addition, these cars have more equipment to use and also raise the status of the traveler or the person using it. Luxury cars are commonly known to be used on glamorous functions and official events though many are now also renting them to simply drive around and get the excitement and satisfaction of cruising in their dream cars.

At DK car rental services, we hire out reliable luxury cars for hire in Kampala at affordable rates. Check out some of our luxury rental cars and select your perfect choice. ahead of time.


     If you are looking for luxury and performance with an outstanding comfort, then the BMW is the car to hire. It is known for its high velocity and smoothness. The BMW has a seating capacity of 5 including the foldable rear seat. The leather seats offer ultimate comfort, featuring a button stop, remote tank opener, cruise control and CD player.


Commonly referred to as a limo, this is one of the well-known luxury cars around the world. It is built with two compartments with the capacity to accommodate 6 or more people. The limousine is a stylish vehicle that leaves people on the streets of Kampala mesmerized because of its unique design elongated body. The car offers privacy as there is a boundary between the passenger’s compartment and the driver’s compartment. It features long comfortable seats, a mini-fridge, TV, mp3 player and fm radio. Limousines are ideal for all kinds of glamorous events such as weddings and all kinds of parties as well as airport transfers and video shootings.

Mercedes Benz

Imagine driving around the roads of Uganda behind the wheels of a Mercedes Benz, whether it is an S CLASS, c class or the 4WD G class, the cruise is awesome and cool. Mercedes Benz cars are elegant and offer a classic treat to travelers. A trip can turn out memorable in Kampala when you get around in a Mercedes Benz. Hire a Mercedes Benz today and enjoy the serene interior throughout your trip.


Big lovers of SUV vehicles will find this much more attractive and interesting g. the hummer is a giant and an impressive car that is well stylish and ideal for weddings, video shoots, parties and any other glamorous events and official occasions in high-end venues. It accommodates 4 people with enough legroom. The vehicle has a cozy interior with comfortable seats and air conditioner. It is rare on the roads of Kampala and using it here depicts high class and wealth.

Range Rover

The range rover sport is a mid size SUV manufactured by a UK-based automobile company called jaguar land rover. Its magnificent body, cute design and shiny exterior make it one of the most beautiful luxury cars you can hire in Kampala. The range rover is ideal for travel to any area around Kampala even though an unpaved road since it has full-time 4WD. The car has a seating capacity of up to 5 people including the driver.

Land Cruiser V8

An eye-catching and grand exterior, large size and massive power is what many love about the land cruiser V8. The 4WD has a lavish interior equipped with an AC, MP3, CD player and FM radio. This luxurious land cruiser accommodates 5 people inclusive of the chauffeur and also has a wide space in the rear for luggage.

Are you looking for a luxury car to hire in Kampala this season? The above-mentioned cars will do the job. For details of the rental cars, just get in touch with us by sending an email to or simply call us on +256774071656 and speak with the reservations team.

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