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Top Rental Cars To Hire For Camping Safaris In Uganda

Top Rental Cars To Hire For Camping Safaris In Uganda

Camping is one of the oldest outdoor activities in the world occasionally celebrated by families and friends. Sleeping outside in the tent, camp fire chatting and early morning breeze plus the special singing of the birds makes camping as special as it can be. The chance to get close and bond with family and friends are some of the reasons people enjoy it. There are plenty of camping spots in Uganda including parks, river and lakeside gardens, forests to mention but a few all ready to give you that exciting camping adventure in Uganda. This activity has a great number of benefits for everyone that you can enjoy spending time outdoors in the Pearl of Africa.

One should really opt for a camping safari in Uganda because it gives you a chance to sleep under the stars and get a little dirty, perhaps there is nothing better than sitting around a fire and roasting marshmallows.  You will always be required to pack a lot of cargo including your own luggage plus camping items like the mattresses, kitchen utensils, cooking gas, to mention but a few and of course hire a car that can fit your space requirements for both passengers and the camping gear as well. This is where we come in and take great pride in organizing affordable camping in Uganda for different kinds of travelers offering you a suitable car for camping to any destination you would love to explore.  We present to you some of the top rental cars to hire in Uganda when you decide to embark on a camping safari this season.

camping land cruiser


Did you know that you can drive while your heads are out? A safari land cruiser has been used for decades as an off-road vehicle that can handle any type of terrain making it good and popular among tourists wishing to explore remote destinations like the parks. Seating up to 7 passengers with adequate legroom and cargo space, you are guaranteed for a comfortable road trip. This 4×4 also features a pop-up roof ideal for game drives as well as a cooler box making your journey and activity worthwhile.


One of the most popular camping cars to hire in Uganda is this 4×4 that is more like a moving house equipped with a mounted rooftop tent and a cooler box. The camper cruiser allows you to skip tent costs and concentrate on renting other equipments. Get a chance to sleep off the ground for tourists who are either scared of wildlife or just not into setting up a tent on the ground.


Ever seen a moving house? A camper van is by far the most popular vehicle for camping road trips, the mid-sized van is equipped with an inbuilt fridge, beds, cooking stove and a TV hence being called a moving house and most importantly enough space for both passengers and their cargo. The camper van might be the most expensive car to hire for camping but it is the most comfortable and the safest.


The mid-sized 4×4 mini-van is another good car for camping road trips in Uganda, seating up to 8 people comfortably with a pop up roof, the safari van has been used for group road trips and not forgetting family camping ventures. The well-spaced adjustable seats allow you to get a comfortable ride while your camping cargo is either put on the roof rack and the trunk.

  1. RAV-4

if you are looking planning a budget camping trip as a couple and a cheap 4×4 car that can accommodate 2-4 people, then you should consider hiring a rav-4. It is one of the most affordable rental cars available in Uganda which you can get from as low as US$35 per day. The adequate space for camping gear and cargo in the rear coupled with the 4-wheel drive mechanism has made this vehicle a good catch for camping lovers.

Are you planning to visit the adventure capital for a camping safari and would love to hire a car plus camping gear for the road trip? We will be more than happy to offer you our services. You can choose any of the above-mentioned cars as we get it for you at affordable rates that suit your budget as well as your personal needs.

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