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Uganda Car Hire Prices For 2023

Uganda Car Hire Prices For 2023

Booking a rental car is not an easy task straight from searching and choosing the right car rental company to get the right car that fits your budget and personal interests, you will have to research and compare companies based on reviews, reputation but most importantly the car hire prices structure. As the new year begins, the majority of the car rental companies in Uganda have changed their car rates structure based on demand and so we present to you 2022 car hire prices in Uganda so you don’t get misled.

The car category prices are fully negotiable and exclude fuel but cover government tax based on unlimited mileage.

1- Saloon cars – If you are searching for an economy car for hire in Uganda, then there is no better car category than a saloon car also known as a sedan. These 3-box configured cars are the most affordable cars for hire mainly booked by business personnel or travelers on a tight budget.  The saloon car can seat up to 5 people comfortably with adequate space for cargo in the rear. Some of the most popular saloon cars in Uganda include the Premio, Corola, Mercedes Benz, Vitz among others.

Price – From US$ 40 to 60 per day based on self-drive.

2- 4×4 Cars – Every long-distance road trip will require a strong car that can handle all types of terrain as well steep or muddy slopes and that’s where a 4 wheel drive car comes in, built to traverse the off-road tracks like a piece of cake. Most of the 4×4 cars are customized with features that are useful during park safaris, research projects, photography, film shooting, camping among other long-distance trips. Some of the features you will find on 4×4 cars include a pop-up roof, roof rack, cooler box, high ground clearance with high tires and spacious legroom & cargo space. Most of the 4×4 cars can accommodate between 5 to 8 passengers depending on the car type. Some of the most popular 4×4 cars for hire in Uganda include the safari land cruiser, tourist van, Rav4, Nissan patrol & Hilux.

Price – From US$ 50 to 100 per day based on self drive.

3- Luxury Cars – If you are planning to travel like a Royal or VIP on a business trip or special occasion like a wedding, then you will definitely need to book a luxury car. Regarded as the most expensive car category in Uganda, luxury cars are guaranteed to get heads turning and light up any event or occasion. The eye-catching exterior coupled with an air-conditioned plush interior has made luxury cars the best rentals for weddings, video shoots, VIP airport transfers, corporate business trips, filming among other important events that may require a stylish cozy car. Some of the most popular luxury cars in Uganda include the Limousine, Mercedes benz models, Land Cruiser V8, Range rover, Jaguar, Convertible to mention but a few.

Price – From US$ 80 to 120 per day with a chauffeur.

Minivans & Buses – If you are planning to travel as a small or large group, then the best option is always a minivan, minibus or coach. A minivan can seat up to 8 passengers while a minibus can accommodate up to 28 passengers as coach seats up to 80 passengers comfortably. The minivans and buses are perfect for group safaris, school field trips, company retreats, weddings, project staff transportation among other road trips. Some of the most popular minivans and buses for hire include the tourist van, super custom van, Ipsum & coaster bus.

Price – From US$ 100 to 160 per day with driver.

Planning a self drive or guided road trip and searching for the ideal car that suits your budget, the above car hire price structure will give you a clue so you can make the right decision when booking a rental car in Uganda this 2022. To hire a car in Uganda today, simply send us an email to info@dkrentacaruganda.com or call us now on +256-774071656 / +256-752429596 to speak with our team.

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