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Why Choose A 4×4 Safari Van For Your Next Safari Trip

Why Choose A 4×4 Safari Van For Your Next Safari Trip

A country like Uganda where everything about it is wonderful right from the beautiful welcoming smiles of the local people, the warm weather, lovely landscapes across the country, the good roads and the stable political and social security makes a great place for road trips. Travelling from one place to another is a delight if you have an appropriate car on the road and the 4×4 safari van doesn’t disappoint. Just like the name, the safari van is a perfect vehicle for long distances.

Transportation is the secret of adventure and exploration. When you choose to take a safari trip in Uganda, you definitely have to find a way of how to get around from one destination to another. It is important to note that the choice of a car will also determine the quality of your road trip adventure. With DK car rental services, we are at your service to provide you a suitable car rental for your future road trip in the elegant adventure. In case you are planning a safari, here are the astonishing reasons why you need to hire a safari van in Uganda for your next road trip


A safari van features an impressive interior that allows you to enjoy a comfort and astounding road trip adventure. The interior has attributes like flexible seats with enough leg room, an air conditioner and a window seat among others

Cargo space

With a safari van, we guarantee you a stress free road trip, you don’t need to get worried about moving along with your luggage. The car is designed with enough room space to accommodate your luggage.

4×4 wheel drive

A safari van is one of the 4×4 station wagon vehicles with the ability to manage all tough road surface conditions regardless of the changes in weather conditions.


Safety and comfort

When you hire a safari van with an experiences and professional driver, we guarantee you a safe road trip exploration. The car has the capacity to navigate through the tough road terrains in the remote places of the country. Therefore you travel under the shadow and comfort of relaxation without worrying about how to get there.

Pop up roof

Safari vans are designed with a pop up roof that allows you to enjoy the 360 degrees viewing through out the entire road trip. It also allows you clear sights of game in the selected savannah parks of ugnda an d an exceptional photography experience.

An inverter and extension

This is to help you charge your electronics like mobile phones, cameras, while on a ride. A safari van is one of the lucky vehicles blessed with a plug in inverter.



A safari van is the most affordable vehicle for a road trip for people traveling on a budget. The 5-9 passengers using the same vehicle share costs and get a wonderful and comfortable ride at a cheaper price.

In case you are planning on a safari trip and you are looking for a suitable vehicle to do the job, look no further than a 4×4 safari van given the points above. Don’t hesitate to send us an email to or call us on +256774071656 or +256752429596 and speak with us.


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