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How to Enjoy A Safe Wedding During COVID-19

With the rise of the pandemic and a jump in cases across the country, event professionals and the industry at large are reiterating the importance of health and safety measures at the weddings during COVID. In the past years, the vast majority of couples modified their weddings to either with wedding masks, hand sanitization, smaller guest counts and alternative seating arrangements to mitigate the risk of the corona virus.

It may involve evolving restrictions and shifts in mandates, the obvious consequences are emotional turmoil but what is surprising to many hosts and couples is the added expense. For many, this means having to rethink how they will spend their weddings though some couples may opt to provide onsite testing or could splurge for the service that tracks vaccinations. As DK car rental services, we have suggested for you measure that you can take to safely throw your nuptials during COVID.

  • Establish a health and safety plan

Over half of the guests surveyed by the knot in august said it was important or critical to receive health and safety information before submitting an RSVP response. Bearing the starts in mind, all the to-be-weds are encouraged to create a health and safety plan ahead of their wedding vendors and team to discuss any concerns, local mandates and restrictions. Together, you will come up with the possible solutions to keep the guests’ safety in mind. Topic of discussion might range from guest count to airflow or air filters. You will also want to bring up wedding masks, hand sanitizing stations, socially distanced layouts and if necessary,, rapid COVID testing or tracking tools. In fact, our internal data reveals that hand sanitizers are the top expected safety protocol for upcoming events.

  • Follow local guidelines

It’s likely your venue planner is already keeping a watchful eye on evolving guidelines, and you should too. Some areas are now requiring vaccinations for entry to venues and restaurants. If your area is impacted, its important to contact the venue immediately to work through modifications or communication with the guests. This is an area where you’ll want to discuss everything from guest count to limitations. Talk to the venue about their rules and regulations regarding masks indoors and social distancing as well. That way, you can tell your guests exactly what to expect on the wedding day.

  • If possible, take it outdoors

Since the world is still fighting a pandemic, some couples may consider moving their wedding outdoors. This is especially applicable if local restrictions for indoor venues or if you’re wedding location is battling high levels of COVID. The good news is tented weddings were one of the biggest trends to emerge from 202 and these structures are here to stay. Talk to a rental company, your designer and florist, on site coordinator and, if applicable, your wedding planner too

  • If necessary adjust layouts

if your venue is indoors and you’ve dreamt of a ballroom wedding for an entire lifetime, you can still throw your wedding safely. Some venues across Uganda are now requiring proof of vaccination or a negative test to attend an indoor event. You will want to further mitigate risk by spacing out guests and reinventing seating arrangements by surveying your loved ones about their comfort levels.

  • Communicate with your guests

Based on the restrictions and rules you have built around your health and safety plan, the next step is to discuss this information with the loved ones. To alleviate ongoing issues, create a wedding website that houses any updated guidelines or information. If urgent, you’ll want to resort to additional formats of communication to rely rules. Vaccine etiquette, for example, comes into play with weddings when a couple or venue requires all attendees be vaccinated. Within this context, couples should clearly communicate all standards over to guests.

  • Prepare backup if needed

After taking the above steps and precautions, one that hopefully will not be necessary on your wedding day is calling in for backup. It could be your wedding planner’s team members, a coordinator at the venue or in some instances, a security team who will keep a watchful eye throughout the premises. You’ve established rules and if an unruly guest chooses to break your wishes, you’ll at least have the peace of mind of a professional staffer requesting their departure.

  • Be gracious

Your invited guests are those who’ve likely supported you and the relationship, and these same loved ones will continue t usher you into marriage. Therefore, it’s advised to return the support you have received by acknowledging varying levels of comfort. COVID has impacted our society both physically and mentally, some have grieved the loss of jobs and family members, while others have dealt with compromised health concerns. Whatever the scenario, take a moment and listen and hear out your loved ones.

Although we are not entirely out of woods when it comes to safely gathering, we hope that the above precautions will guide you to prepare your wedding as covid-friendly as possible. In case you are in need of any luxury car that will suit your budget and make the day perfect with the above guidelines, don’t hesitate to send us an email to info@dkrentacaruganda.com or call us on +256774071656 and speak with the reservations team.



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